Hazy Holler Goods

Who are we?

My name is Bernadette and I'm the founder of Hazy Holler Goods. By day, I work in higher education marketing and for the last seven years I've run The West Virginia Company on the side.

I founded The WV Co. as a passion project for my love of my home - West Virginia. Together with my partner, Tom, we design, screenprint and embroider all of our products right in our home! 

I love doodling on my iPad and sometimes my designs fall out of the product range for The WV Co. For years, they've sat on my laptop unused, until 2023 when I decided to make use of them with Hazy Holler Goods.

With The WV Co., we've always tied our products to causes we care about, but we wanted to step it up a notch with Hazy Holler Goods. Twenty-five percent of all sales - retail and wholesale - are being donated to nonprofits in central Appalachia through our Dollars for Hollers program.

What is Hazy Holler?

A holler in Appalachia is the term for the small valleys in between the hills. Many hollers contain rivers or creeks and houses warmed with wood or coal stoves, so they're often hazy. These hollers make the coziest place to call home. So many of our best memories and moments have happened in our life within these precious, hazy hollers. We wanted to honor those places with our name!