Our Brand

Jeep and Cabin

The West Virginia Company was founded on the belief that West Virginians deserve products and goods made in West Virginia inspired by West Virginia. Your love of home is why we are here and we create each design with care and love to celebrate the people, land and culture that radiates from this beautiful state.

We always feel a twinge of nostalgia when talking about West Virginia, even in the present tense. It's why one of our favorite lyrics in John Denver's "Country Roads" is "all my memories gather 'round her." All of our best memories come from these hills and hollers.

We tried to carry that nostalgia throughout our brand - in the polaroid designs that pop up on our website and social media, or the vintage diner placemat vibes of the tissue paper you receive with your order, in the grainy videos we share to our channels and the sun-soaked, vintage colors we chose for our brand and apparel that while new, give that "worn at camp each summer" look.

We hope you see yourself as part of The West Virginia Company, because we wouldn't be here without you. We're so proud of the community we've created over on Facebook and Instagram, where we share our adventures, and we hope you'll head over there and follow us, and share your adventures, too!

See you in the Mountains!